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Can't Make A Sound

Cami. JeffBuckleyForever / @CamiJoan
A 23 year old music loving, adventure finder. Welcome to my life.

Came home with a few more freckles. View high resolution

Came home with a few more freckles.

Boat times.  (at Flaming Gorge Reservoir) View high resolution

Boat times. (at Flaming Gorge Reservoir)

Flaming Gorge times! (at Flaming Gorge Resort) View high resolution

Flaming Gorge times! (at Flaming Gorge Resort)

I’m never going to know you now, but I’m going to love you anyhow

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Cami, I am trying to select specifically the screening "Heaven Adores you" with an individual ticket purchase. Did it give you any problems with selecting just that showing? I see your screen shot of your purchase. Maybe you can help me out.

OH MY GOD, yes! You have no idea how much of a headache this gave me, and honestly, I’m still not like 100% sure it’s going to work out, but that’s solely because I’m a terribly paranoid human being.  You actually have to buy the ticket, then it sends you a link to create an account on Sched, which you then add the screening “Heaven Adores You” to your schedule, which supposedly adds you to a list, I asked Nickolas Rossi to ask the organizers for me and I’ll send you what he emailed me from them, I hope this helps!:

"After they purchases an individual ticket they will get an email to activate their Eventbrite account. Then they should return to the schedule page and login with the email and password they made and they will be able to choose the screening choice they want. Heres some additional information:
-Guide for new Sched users:
You can try the process out with no cost using this code: magicticketlvff Enter it in the enter promotional code above the pay pal.
On the the festival end we will have an attendance list for each screening. We use this to grant access at the door. The festival ticketing is all digital they just need to present their name and the individual ticket purchased that was emailed to them (on their phone or printed out). They will also need to be in line 20 minutes before the designated screening time because after we let in the ticket & pass holders will let in the wait list line.”

Guess who’s back FOREVER!!! (at The Copper Onion) View high resolution

Guess who’s back FOREVER!!! (at The Copper Onion)

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